AliveCor and ILLIES Announce New Distribution Agreement in Hong Kong and Macau

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. November 12, 2015– AliveCor, Inc., the leader in FDA-cleared ECG technology for smartphones, and C. ILLIES & CO., a leading distribution partner for technology innovators in Asia since 1859, announced today a new distribution agreement in Hong Kong and Macau. This deal is the first step of AliveCor to enable millions of people in East Asia to monitor and manage their own heart health with the AliveCor Mobile ECG.

“As the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases grows, the need for easy to use heart monitoring is vital in detecting serious heart conditions before potentially life threating conditions, like stroke occur. We are excited to be on the forefront of medical innovation and bring the AliveCor Mobile ECG to Hong Kong and Macau,” said Michael Illies, President and Chief Executive Officer of the ILLIES Group. 

The incidence of atrial fibrillation (AFib) continues to grow with the ageing population, and according to global research, one in every five people aged 65 years and above will develop AFib in their lifetime. One major problem with AFib is that it is often asymptomatic, and as a result many patients are not diagnosed until a cardiac event occurs. Additionally, the financial burden placed on countries in the Asia-Pacific region by stroke is believed to be immense. The direct medical cost for stroke in China was calculated to be in the billions.

“We are currently conducting a large scale screening study using the AliveCor Mobile ECG in an effort to identify AFib in an out-patient setting. We have learned first hand the benefits it can bring to patients and healthcare providers in identifying asymptomatic AFib, which is under-diagnosed and therefore under-treated in Hong Kong. Patients in Hong Kong can now use the AliveCor Mobile ECG, anytime and anywhere to capture their heart rhythm and work with their care provider to determine a diagnosis or to manage a diagnosed condition,” said cardiologist, Associate Professor Bryan Yan, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

“This is an important step for us as we continue to advance our mission and vision of empowering patients to take control of their heart health around the world. Placing innovative tools into the hands of patients and care providers can potentially save lives and reduce healthcare costs,” said Vic Gundotra, chief executive officer of AliveCor.

The AliveCor® Mobile ECG is intended to record, store and transfer single-channel ECG rhythms. The AliveCor Mobile ECG also displays ECG rhythms and detects the presence of atrial fibrillation and normal sinus rhythm (when prescribed or used under the care of a physician). The AliveCor Mobile ECG is intended for use by healthcare professionals, patients with known or suspected heart conditions and health conscious individuals. The device has not been tested for and it is not intended for pediatric use. The AliveCor Mobile ECG is compatible with all iOS and most Android OS mobile devices. With secure storage in the cloud, users have the ability to access their data confidentially anytime, anywhere.

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