New AliveCor Partnership Marks Expansion into Chinese Heart Health Market

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – April 22, 2019 – AliveCor, the leader in FDA-cleared mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) technology, today announced an agreement with Beijing Dream Tree Medical Technology Co. Ltd., a leading innovative healthcare service provider in China.

Studies reveal that nearly 300 million Chinese suffer from heart disease, with 13 million at risk of stroke and 10 million currently living with atrial fibrillation (AFib). Supply of AliveCor’s FDA-cleared, mobile ECG technology will be critical as physicians look to deliver a higher standard of reliable and cost-effective care to patients suffering from this disease within China.

“The creation of a powerful partnership allowing AliveCor to access the Chinese market is an enormous step for the company, and an enormous step for hundreds of millions of aging Chinese who can now have ready access to our products” said AliveCor Chief Executive Ira Bahr.

“Heart disease is a leading cause of death in China,” said Dream Tree CEO Wang Jian. “AliveCor’s affordable, pocket-sized ECG technology is capable of detecting AFib with clinical-grade accuracy and allows us to continue to meet the changing market demands of healthcare. We believe the combination of Dream Tree’s solution and AliveCor’s personal ECG platform will help Dream Tree empower patients with state of the art heart health technology.”

For more information on pricing and the availability of KardiaMobile, please visit AliveCor’s website:

About AliveCor

AliveCor, Inc. is pioneering the creation of FDA-cleared machine learning techniques to enable proactive heart care and is recognized around the world for transforming cardiac care. The FDA-cleared KardiaMobile is the most clinically validated mobile ECG solution on the market. It is recommended by leading cardiologists and used by people worldwide for accurate ECG recordings. KardiaMobile, and KardiaBand, when paired with the Kardia app provide instant analysis for detecting atrial fibrillation (AF) and normal sinus rhythm in an ECG. Kardia is the first A.I. enabled platform to help clinicians manage patients for the early detection of atrial fibrillation, the most common cardiac arrhythmia and one that leads to a five times greater risk of stroke. KardiaBand is the first FDA-cleared medical device accessory for Apple Watch. AliveCor was named the No.1 artificial intelligence company on Fast Company’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies, in addition to ranking 20th overall in an evaluation of thousands of companies worldwide. AliveCor is a privately-held company headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information, visit

About Beijing Dream Tree Medical Technology Co. Ltd.

Dream Tree Medical Technology Co, Ltd. is a leading innovative healthcare service provider with its mission is to meet the huge market demands for high qualified healthcare by means of accurate online service from experienced physicians through clinical grade wearable devices. Building a platform with policies, regulations and legislations taken into consideration, making triple wins for consumers, doctors and hospitals is the target. Dream Tree has deep cooperation with hospitals; a clinical research was carried out in Fu Wai hospital among patients with hardware and software all in one solution to provide accurate reviews on postoperative effect and received pretty good feedbacks from patients and doctors. In 2018 an Internet medical project sponsored Tianjin government was approved and Dream Tree was recognized as the solution provider, together with Tianjin third central hospital to do broader exploratory work for Internet medical reform in China. Besides the efforts in medical field, Dream Tree also attained recognization from giant state owned companies, being the healthcare service provider of China Telecom’s high end brand Xinxitianxia, offering more differentiated service for consumers. Headquartered in Beijing, the center of China, Dream Tree is now preparing itself to afford more responsibilities on public health.For more information about Dream Tree, please visit